Our corporate mission at ROCS Group is to provide premier personal general insurance products and quality service to our customers. This is accomplished by adhering to the highest ethical standards, respect to the individual and with the use of sound business practices.

Our overall objective is to attain consistent results by structuring exceptional programs, provide a superior service and to grow our business every year.

This is accomplished with the creation of a working environment where employees face challenges with a positive attitude. In today’s rapidly changing economy, we like to think of ourselves as both challenged and lucky to be able to serve our clients in ways they have made us a trusted business. Our goal at ROCS Group is to continue doing just that.


Over the past few years the name ROCS Group has become synonymous with Maltese families as the intermediary that they should consult before buying any form of insurance or life assurance savings policies.
ROCS Group has built a solid reputation for the excellent services offered to its clients by a dedicated team of young professionals.

ROCS Group personnel always try to make the world of insurance as simple as possible to clients.
Attention to detail combined with the personal touch offered by all the staff, has been one of the cornerstones which has made many clients from all walks of life return to ROCS for their various insurance needs.

Like most success stories ROCS Group is built by an impressive team effort. This success was only possible with the full support of Mapfre Middlesea and MSVLife.

At the Middlesea Valletta 10th anniversary celebrations, ROCS Group was awarded an honour by Mr Mario C. Grech - Deputy Chairman of MSV Life Plc. - for the highest producing company sub-agency for the period 1994-2004. ROCS Group has also been awarded a similar honour by Mapfre Middlesea on the occasion of their 20th Anniversary celebrations in 2001.

ROCS Group is licensed as a tied insurance intermediary for Mapfre Middlesea PLC and as such offers all classes of insurance. These include personal policies like motor, home and health. ROCS Group also offers assistance to corporate customers. As a licensed tied insurance intermediary for Mapfre MSVLife PLC , ROCS Group offers a vast array of savings and protection policies such as The Mapfre MSVLife Baby Bond, The Mapfre MSVLife Retirement Plan and the Mapfre MSVLife Single Premium Plan.

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